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Kirby Smart: When guys stop being positive about constructive criticism, that's when things get tough

After opening up the season, and Kirby Smart's tenure at Georgia, with three straight win,s the Bulldogs have struggled the past few games, losing three of their last four games against Ole Miss, Tennessee, and Vanderbilt.

Coming off a bye week before taking on Florida, Kirby Smart was asked about his approach with players during the tough stretch, and he weighed in on the importance of being positive.

"I'm being positive with them because I want them to see the good things that they've done and so we can correct the bad," Smart explained.

"Whether you win every game, or you lose every game, you're still searching for the perfect game. Honestly, that's the case. It doesn't matter. No team plays the perfect game. So if you ever think that you're perfect, then you're sadly mistakin'."

Smart also talked about the role that constructive criticism is playing in their coaching philosophy as well.

"As long as they're positive about the constructive criticism that they get, and they're in the 'Coach me, coach' mode, then I'm pleased with it. When they lose that and they get negative, that's when it gets tough."

Kirby and the Bulldogs sit at 4-3 heading into a stretch against Florida, at Kentucky, and then a three game homestead against Auburn, Louisiana-Lafayette, and Georgia Tech.