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Kirby Smart is adding a high school assistant to his staff

The addition of David Hill to the UGA staff is a lesson for everyone to make the most of where you are and people will take notice.

Kirby Smart is adding a high school assistant who has an impressive track record of success with students to his support staff.

Desert Pines HS (NV) assistant David Hill is joining the staff of the defending national champions. According to the Athens Banner-Herald he will serve in a new position as the player connections coordinator.

At Desert Pines, Hill taught life skills classes and was held in high regard as someone who helped over 150 students earn scholarships while also helping 100% of his students graduate.

He spent over a decade as a member of the Desert Pines HS staff. 

His addition is a banner hire for high school coaches looking to make the jump to college football and a big score to the folks who share the advice to "be where your feet are, do a great job there, and other doors will open."