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Kirby Smart isn't getting into a war of words with Dan Mullen

Dan Mullen wants Kirby Smart to dislike him -- if not personally, then professionally. It's more than just that. He wants Smart to be bothered by him, to be flustered by him.

Mullen has a history of trolling, and did so during Florida's spring game by listing the Gators' attendance as 39,476 -- which, Florida fans later discovered, is a shot at the 39 years and 476 games it's been since the Bulldogs' last national championship.

Funny stuff, right?

Smart was asked about Mullen's trolling by Paul Finebaum and said he's not taking one nibble of the bait.

“If I go out and do that as a coach, how do I look to my players? It is not something that I enjoy doing or want to do,” Smart said, via Dawg Nation. “I just want to go work really hard and grind and play the game and may the best team win.

“I just don’t think you need that. That is not going to make Georgia great,” Smart said. “We are not going to move up in the rankings by what I say. We are going to do it by how we play. We want to talk with our helmets. That is what we always talk about – we want to play a physical brand of football and not do it with our mouthpiece.”

Georgia did plenty of talking on the field last season. In the one Smart v. Mullen matchup to date, the Bulldogs won, 36-17.