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Kirby Smart: "There's a disease at Georgia..."

After an impressive win over a really good Baylor team last night, playing shorthanded at a number of key positions, Kirby Smart took the podium proud of his guy. But he also took the opportunity to offer some important perspective.

As Smart puts it, there's a disease at Georgia...

"The future is only bright if those guys continue to work, because there is a disease that creeps in at Georgia where kids believe they are better than they are and they read their own press clippings."

Smart adds that the team chaplain really drove that point home to the team before the game with a verse about how when you start to read your own praises is when you start to fall. It's a vital message in player development.

"Those kids that you just mentioned," Smart responded to a report saying, "They're tremendous players, but they will only be as good as they can be if they stay as hungry as they are. When you're not hungry, you become average."

"We've got to find a way, in this program, to not let that creep in and to have that same hunger you have as a young player, because we've had it happen to a number of guys that were really hungry, and they become full. You can't become full when go play the teams that we play against."

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