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Kirk Herbstreit calls Texas a "cesspool" during GameDay rant

The Aggies don't kick off until Saturday afternoon, but it's already been a winning day for Texas A&M.

Before thousands of screaming Aggies in College Station, Kirk Herbstreit went on a rant after reports surfaced this week wink-winking that Charlie Strong's job at Texas was safe through the season.

"If you're Charlie Strong, you're going to get paid well and you're going to get released. When I say released, you're going to get released from being in the cesspool of Austin, Texas and the attitude that comes being with the head coach at Texas. To me, you chased away Mack Brown after nine years getting double-digit wins and you're going to chase away Charlie Strong and whoever the next guy is you're going to chase away," Herbstreit said. "Who would want the job at Texas, to be the head coach, dealing with the boosters, the presidents, the ADs, the attitudes and message boards and talk shows.

"Just relax and let the guy coach," he said.

Worth noting: Texas is 43-37 this decade. And, for their part, Texas president Greg Fenves and AD Mike Perrin have been unequivocal in their support of Strong.