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Kliff Kingsbury has banned players from wearing the Double T logo inside the football facility

Effective immediately, Kliff Kingsbury and the Texas Tech staff have banned players from wearing the signature Double T logo in the football facility until further notice.

The Texas Tech Twitter account tweeted the following video with players explaining the reason behind the ban.

"There is no sense of entitlement on this team. It doesn't matter if you've been a four-year starter, you're a senior, or if you just got here..." one player notes in the clip.

Until further notice, the Double T is not allowed to be worn inside the football facility. Learn more this week...

— Texas Tech Football (@TexasTechFB) March 1, 2017

Going 5-7 like they did last season isn't going to cut it for Kingsbury and the Texas Tech program, and this is their way of sending that message to the players - and from the sounds of it, they've received the message.

What they do about it moving forward will decide the future of the program.