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Kliff Kingsbury will continue allowing cellphone breaks with the Cardinals

Kliff Kingsbury gave his players "cellphone breaks" at Texas Tech, and he confirmed to ESPN at the NFL's league meetings this week in Phoenix that, yes, Cardinals players will now enjoy cellphone breaks.

"I think coming from the college ranks to obviously, those young men, it's got to be quick hitters, 20 minutes at a time, give them a break and get them back in," he said. "We want to make sure that when we have them, they're focused, and they're locked in, and we're maximizing their time.

"So if we've got to split it up or have shorter meetings, that's what we do."

The concept of breaking meetings into 20-30 minute sessions to maximize the players' time and attention spans is not controversial at all. In fact, it's smart.

So it's not the second word in "cellphone break" that people have a problem with, it's the first.

In the Mad Men days, smoke breaks were an accepted practice of the work day. If Kingsbury announced he would give players incremental breaks to take a walk or read the paper, he'd be applauded for it.

Now, the argument against this is that social media is as harmful to the mind as cigarettes are to the lungs.... and maybe there's a point there.

But Kingsbury has decided he can either fight with his players' cellphone habit or work around it, and he's walking through Door No. 2.