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Kliff Kingsbury's response to Charlie Strong's "we're going to steamroll everyone" comment: "Is it April Fools?"


Texas head coach Charlie Strong is a big believer that they have things headed in the right direction in Austin, and even went as far to note to a group of Longhorn faculty and staff that they're going to "steamroll everyone" once they get things flipped.

Strong's full quote, via the Statesman was:

“What’s going to happen when we flip this thing? Where are we going to be then?,” he told the crowd of about a hundred faculty members. “You think about what we’re doing right now, what’s going to happen when we really get it turned?

“They might as well move out of the way, because we are going to steamroll everyone,” he added. “That’s going to happen.”

The last question that Kliff Kingsbury fielded today after practice was on those comments, and Kingsbury couldn't help but smirk as the question rolled off the reporter's tongue.

"He said that?" Kingsbury asked genuinely. "It’s not April Fool’s yet, is it? He just cut it loose. Yeah, I didn’t see that.”

Asked if he would ever address faculty like that, Kingsbury added "“I would not make those statements. But hey, to each his own.”

See the full exchange below.