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"Do you know what this means for your future?"

Texas lost to Kansas on Saturday, 24-21 in overtime. The setback drops Texas to 5-6 on the season and 16-20 in Charlie Strong's 3-year tenure in Austin.

When asked after the game if he knows what Saturday's result means for his future at Texas, Strong at first said he didn't, attempting to deflect the inquiry as every head coach does in every press conference. But Strong took in a breath and his body language could no longer hide the reality of his situation.

It's simply heartbreaking to watch.

The most painful part of the Strong post game presser.

"Do you know what this means for your future?"

— Casey Keirnan (@CaseyKeirnan) November 20, 2016

The sound Strong makes is one of a coach who has poured every thing he has into his job for the last three years realizing it simply isn't going to work out.