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Kyle Flood is doing his part to stop the spread of Ebola


Ebola is out there. And by out there, I mean, as far as anyone knows, less than five people in a nation of more than 300 million have shown symptoms of Ebola. More Americans will die from the flu than Ebola this year, and you're infinitely more likely to catch one than the other. That hasn't stopped people from going overboard, though.

One of those people is Rutgers head coach Kyle Flood.

With Rutgers flying to Ohio to take on the Buckeyes, combined with the fact that one person with Ebola also flew to Ohio, Flood has done his research to keep Ebola from hitting the Rutgers locker room.

"What I did is, I went online and did some of my own research just to see how it spreads and to educate the team, so we did a little bit of that this morning,'' Flood told "I assured them that the plane, when we get on it, will be sanitized and cleaned. From all the information I have, it's transferable through bodily fluids. It's not something you can get just by standing next to somebody.

"You gotta be careful. You gotta make sure your hands are clean, can't share drinks. We'll take all the necessary precautions. But it's not something that will distract us, either.''

That's good practice for overall team hygiene and all, only it's much more likely to stop the flu from spreading than Ebola. Which, after all, is what Flood should be worried about in the first place.