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Lake Erie job opens after coach steps away to pursue other opportunities

Following two fall seasons under Reilly Murphy, Lake Erie (D-II - OH) will be searching for a new head coach

Another Division II job has popped open within a week of the season officially coming to an end.

Lake Erie (D-II - OH) head coach Reilly Murphy has stepped down to pursue other opportunities.

2021 marked the second fall season under Murphy, and he led the Storm to a 5-6 record. Those five wins marked the best season in school history. 

Combine the fall seasons of 2019 and 2021 and Murphy, a recent selection to the AFCA 35 Under 35 program, led the program to as many wins as the previous five years combined.

They played a brief 3-game spring season earlier this year and went 0-3.

Murphy tweeted earlier today that he plans to pursue other opportunities within the profession that align with the best interests of hi s family.