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Lane Kiffin and Ole Miss have released a "Transfer to the 'Sip" promo video

Starring players that have landed in Oxford from The Portal, Kiffin and Ole Miss release a "Transfer to the Sip" promo.

Lane Kiffin has had a handful of takes on the Transfer Portal make headlines this off season, leaving little doubt on where he stands on the topic.

His "Come to the 'Sip" slogan has been popular since he took over the Rebels program in Oxford, and that has evolved to include "Transfer to the 'Sip" as well and has worked pretty well as the program has landed a number of well regarded players from The Portal.

Now, Kiffin and the program have released a "Transfer to the 'Sip" promotion video making Ole Miss seem like the coolest destination the Transfer Portal could possibly have.

The best part? The video stars players that have tested the transfer portal and landed in Oxford after previous stops at places like USC, TCU, Louisville and Central Michigan.

Like it or not, this seems to be the direction college football is headed and this won't be the last video with this type of theme that you'll see aimed at enticing kids in the portal.