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Lane Kiffin, college football's P.T. Barnum, has a new slogan: Transfer To The Sip

After popularizing 'Come to the' school slogans, Kiffin is mixing it up

There are those coaches, schools and sports information departments who market their various athletics programs.

And, then, there is Lane Kiffin.

College football’s resident P.T. Barnum was at it again on his Twitter account, the one Kiffin has driven to more than a half-million followers.

Kiffin has used his social media presence with aplomb to highlight the football programs he has represented in recent years, from his inaugural #ComeToTheFAU slogan at Florida Atlantic to his quickly adapted #ComeToTheSip motto in his current role atop Ole Miss football – fresh off a record-setting, 10-win regular season under its second-year coach Kiffin.

Kiffin’s talked smack to rival schools, good-naturedly offering Thursday to race Tennessee Vols coach Josh Heupel in their respective university jets out of Birmingham, Alabama, after the Southeastern Conference’s winter gathering of its football coaches.

Later in the evening, Kiffin showcased pieces of his new wardrobe that feature what might be Kiffin’s next viral hashtag: “Transfer to the Sip.”

In college football’s burgeoning new era of student-athlete freedom, no program had a more decorated haul of transplanted newcomers than Kiffin’s Rebels after the 2021 season. Ole Miss added former five-star quarterback Jaxson Dart from USC and former five-star tailback Zach Evans from TCU, among a bevy of experienced newcomers who gave the Rebels what has been widely hailed as college football’s top transfer class.