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Lane Kiffin shares empathy affected some late game play calls against Georgia Tech

Lane Kiffin has been on the hot seat before, so with a multiple touchdown lead against Georgia Tech, empathy crept in.

It's no secret that Geoff Collins entered this fall needing to show on-field improvement in year four in Atlanta.

In his first three seasons, Collins has won three games each respective year, going 3-9, 3-7, and 3-9. This fall, he's off to a 1-2 start with a tough three-game stretch against UCF (2-1), 24th ranked Pitt (2-1) and Duke (3-0) ahead of them.

Lane Kiffin and Ole Miss handed Georgia Tech their most recent loss this past weekend in a 42-0 thrashing.

The Rebels and Kiffin have been utilizing a two-quarterback rotation early this year between Jaxson Dart and Luke Altmyer, and when asked if he's treating this week the same as last week in the plans to use both quarterbacks, Kiffin had an interesting response.

After acknowledging that the two quarterback system may not be exciting for members of the media, Kiffin went on to share that empathy for what Geoff Collins is going through on the proverbial hot seat impacted some of their play calls at the end of the game while rotating quarterbacks in.

“I would have liked the opportunity to throw more with Luke [Altmyer], but having empathy for what was going on in that game on the other sideline, and the hot seat, or whatever he’s on. I just didn’t really feel like it was right. If it was a couple score game Luke would have gotten to throw more there."

Lane is never one to censor what he's thinking, and he has the perspective on someone who has been in the shoes of a coach on the hot seat before, but it's still interesting to hear Kiffin (or any coach) acknowledge how empathy played a role in that situation.