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Last Chance U has a fresh trailer and release date

While Jason Brown won't be leading the Independence Community College team heading into 2019 after he resigned amid a cloud of controversy following a sent text that referred to Hitler, the Last Chance U camera and crew were there with the program this last season to prepare Last Chance U Season 2 at Indy.

Now that season is ready to be released, as they recently shared a trailer that will have plenty of folks anticipating its return in July.

There was plenty of bravado, intense moments, and drama in season one, and season two looks to be no different as one of the scenes in the trailer highlights a sideline scuffle with someone calling out Brown with, "Where ya at JB!?" before cutting to black.

As the debut of the new season approaches, two questions linger - First off, will Last Chance U return for a fifth season (the first two at East Mississippi CC and the next two at Independence) and where will they go next?