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Late Sunday night...

Sunday July 3rd most Americans were out celebrating & creating memories with friends and family. With a national holiday Monday, basketball players (some none of us have ever heard of) signing billions of dollars of contracts and college football recruiting in a "dead" period, surely no one would expect any CFB news to break, right? I mean, no way, right?

So, late Sunday night, in a post on their own website, Alabama "announced" 15 secondary violations. As one person on twitter noted, "secondary violations are like breathing"; so it is not in any way surprising that any program would self report a few innocuous violations. What is noteworthy is that Alabama decided to report these on a Sunday night, in the middle of a long, holiday weekend. tweeted about the violations at 11:15 pm Sunday night.

At a time where everyone in this country is asking for greater transparency, why release something on a Sunday night, the day before the entire country is off from work? The effect, in this case, was to shine more light on a poor decision by Alabama Athletics.

Had they rolled this release out Tuesday afternoon followed by a phone interview with their head of reporting / compliance / whatever...and he or she simply said this is ordinary course stuff, we've identified, reported, trained, admonished, etc.... there would be no story, no one would care. Instead, folks are comparing Alabama's PR group to Baylor's; and that my friends is not a good thing.

For what it is worth, here are the 5 football related secondary violations, neatly compiled by the AnnistonStar.

  • Former student-athlete provided personal training to current student-athletes free of charge -- The student-athletes involved payed restitution to charity.
  • Coach sent a text message to a prospect -- The coach was prohibited from making recruiting calls for two weeks. No calls, recruiting materials, or electronic communication were sent to the involved prospect for 30 days
  • A trophy was temporarily placed in an area where prospects taking an official visit would be, which resulted in an impermissible recruiting decoration of that area -- Alabama declared prospects involved ineligible until reinstated by NCAA.
  • Coach called a prospect a second time during a week -- The involved coach was prohibited from calling prospects for two weeks. No phone calls could be made to the involved prospect for two weeks.
  • Coach texted a prospect -- The involved coach was prohibited from calling any prospects for two weeks. No recruiting correspondence or materials were sent to the involved prospect for two weeks.