Every once in a while, a tweet gets fired off into the Twitter-sphere that is so special that it needs to be memorialized.

This tweet from Washington State athletic director Pat Chun, the former FAU athletic director responsible for bring Lane Kiffin to Boca Raton who joined the Wazzu athletic department back in January, is a perfect example of that.

Imagine trying to hold a serious meeting with your head football coach with this artwork in the background.

For the non-Seinfeld fans out there, the “painting” is inspired by a famous George Constanza  painting. And boy is it brilliantly executed.

It started off as a GameDay sign when the ESPN Crew was in town that went wildly popular on social media. The original owners felt like deserved a spot in Leach’s office, so they made it happen. Of course, Leach found a nice spot to put it on display.

Leach has some eccentric pieces throughout his office such as  pirate memorabilia and even a pirate mannequin, as this quick look around back in 2016 shows, but that one-of-a-kind painting is certainly in a category of its own.