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The latest on Jimbo Fisher and Texas A&M

Kevin Sumlin is out at Texas A&M, and the Aggies would like Jimbo Fisher to replace him. But that can't happen just yet, because Florida State hosts Louisiana-Monroe on Saturday in an effort to clinch its 36th consecutive bowl game.

Still, Fisher will be asked about A&M either until he takes the job or the Aggies hire someone else. The first time came up on the Jeff Cameron Show on Tallahassee's ESPN Radio affiliate.

"You know I never comment on jobs," Fisher said. "My focus right now is on winning this game against ULM and playing our season. I don't get into the rumors and the rumor mill. If there was ever something to it (I'd comment) at the right time. Right now there's no reason to comment. I'm focused on beating ULM."

The latest buzz inside the profession is that Fisher will be the next Aggies coach with a contract that runs for seven years and surpasses the $50 million mark.

No-commenting your way through an interview sounds good on the surface, but if Jimbo was actually interested in shutting down the rumor mill he could come out and say, "I'm going to be the head coach at Florida State in 2018."

But, of course, he isn't saying that. (Jimbo is well trained in the Jimmy Sexton school of leverage). And so the rumor mill keeps spinning.

For what it is worth, Jimbo's buyout should he choose to leave is driven by the contracts of the assistants who are not retained. Estimates of that number range between $3 million and $7 million. That range would not make Texas A&M pause. The Aggies are as all-in as a program can possibly be.

In the event Fisher does accept Texas A&M's offer, the question will then turn to one of the most fascinating unanswered questions in all of college sports: what will a Florida State coaching search look like?

As always, we'll keep you posted on The Scoop as more coaching job information breaks throughout the week.