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Amazon's latest All or Nothing series covers Jeff Fisher's team meeting where he told him he'd been fired

The All or Nothing series that Amazon put out last year following the Arizona Cardinals was really, really good. So good, in fact, that it recently captured a Sports Emmy.

Now the series is back, taking fans behind the scenes of the LA Rams last year, where there was no shortage of good story lines - like the first season's relocation from St. Louis to LA, and being able to shadow 1st overall pick in the draft Jared Goff.

Of course, that also means that cameras were rolling when head coach Jeff Fisher had to deliver the news to his team that he'd been fired as their head coach on December 12th, following a slide where the team had lost 8 of 9.

The trailer for the series set to be released June 30th, captures that moment, and does a really nice job of appealing to the fan and coach in all of us to make sure we're counting down the days until we can watch.

Check out the trailer for the show in the video.