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Despite tweeting his intention Saturday night to remain at Oregon, Florida State remains interested in Willie Taggart and Taggart remains interested in Florida State, sources tell FootballScoop, although no offer has been extended at this time.

Former coach and current Portland media personality Nigel Burton tweeted the following on Monday morning.

Bud Elliott, who covers Florida State for SB Nation, reported this morning he has “a second Florida State source confirming the in-person meeting.”

However, multiple sources told FootballScoop Taggart is recruiting for Oregon today, with Oregon assistants, on an Oregon donor’s plane. Without going all FlightAware on you, our understanding is the group is currently in Arizona and will head to Texas later today.

Perhaps Taggart breaks away from that group at some point to meet with Florida State officials. If Taggart does receive a Florida State offer, the expectation here is that he would accept.

But accepting Florida State’s offer while flying to the meeting on an Oregon donor’s plane would be an all-time bad look to top off another already bad look.

As always, stay tuned to The Scoop for the latest.

Update> It’s happening….

ESPN’s Edward Aschoff reports that although no deal is in place, Taggart is indeed meeting with FSU officials today.

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