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LeBron James stayed behind after a game to clean the Cavs' locker room

In today's installment of "the best leaders take care of the little things," we have a dispatch out of Cleveland where, after a Cavs preseason games, LeBron James was the last player in the locker room, not because he was in the training room, not because of the constant media crush upon him, but because his teammates left the locker room dirty.

From the Cleveland Plain-Dealer:

The three-time champion, four-time MVP took not just his own laundry bag to the locker room attendants, but picked up off the floor an additional five or six laundry sacks that were strewn about The Q locker room by teammates who had left.

"Hopefully I only have to say something once," James said, promising to address the laundry littering with the Cavs. "Can't leave the locker room like that."

James has always been a stickler for respecting locker room attendants, so the behavior he showed Saturday night is no surprise.

If the undisputed team leader isn't too good to care about the shape his team leaves the locker room in, no one is.