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A legendary high school team outscored their opponent by 95 points last week

Crazy high school football scores aren't uncommon week to week around the country, but it's really rare when a team tops 100-points on a Friday night.

That's what happened when nationally known Ohio program Massillon Washington HS took on Sun Valley HS (PA) this past Friday night, as the Tigers won a wild 101-6 game. Sun Valley traveled almost 400 miles for the game.

According to Friday Night Ohio, Massillon Washington managed to score 56 points in the second quarter while running just 12 offensive plays. During that quarter, Massillon Washington scored via a rush, a reception, a punt return, and an interception returned for a touchdown while scoring three offensive touchdowns, two defensive scores, and that special teams touchdown in total.

The last score of that wild quarter was a 43-yard touchdown pass, and the Tigers came out in the second half and fielded the kickoff, only to hand it off to another player who took it to the house for the second time of the day, setting the school record for kickoff return touchdowns in the process.

For those wondering - yes, Ohio does have a running clock rule to prevent situations like this from getting out of hand. The clock was running from the second quarter on, but Massillon Washington was scoring so quickly, and on special teams and defense that it didn't seem to have much of an impact.

On the night, Massillon ran just 32 offensive plays, and of their 10 touchdown drives, all but one of them took three plays or less.

See a complete run down of the wild game here.