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Les Miles explains his hospital visit yesterday: "I OD'd on coffee"


Yesterday afternoon, as Les Miles was scheduled to address the media, LSU athletic director took the podium instead to announce that Miles had been taken to the hospital on a "precautionary" basis. Alleva added that Miles would be at practice later and would also be available to the media afterwards.

After practice Miles explained his trip to the hospital in true Les fashion by first quoting Mark Twain.

"The rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated," Miles noted before getting into comments about Saturday's game against McNeese State.

A little while later, Miles went into further detail and explained that his rocky relationship with coffee was to blame for the scare.

"I had too much coffee. Whatever it was, it was absolutely too much. It didn't seem like too much, but it went down so easy," Les told reporters. "I went six months where I didn't have a cup of coffee. I slowly but surely worked it back into my diet. Now I remember I didn't really get along with coffee."

"You have those kind of moments all the time, but I just happened to have mine right in front of our trainer. Then you say 'Boy, I'm not feeling good' and then he does his job, and he gets me in front of a doctor."

"I should have just stayed quiet and went through the day. I wouldn't have missed a thing. I wouldn't have missed the press conference and certainly there wouldn't have been so much news. I wouldn't have had to text all my kids 'I'm fine, don't worry about me.'"

Good to have Les back where he belongs, and we're happy to hear that it wasn't something more serious.