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Les Miles gives fiery talk about affecting change in society

Every Summer Les Miles gathers to speak to the Louisiana high school football coaches attending the LHSCA Summer meeting.

Given the tragic and vile event that transpired Sunday in Baton Rouge in which multiple law enforcement members were murdered by a piece of garbage from Missouri, Les began his remarks (full audio at bottom) by speaking about his belief that coaches need to use their voices to affect change in society.

The transcribed remarks below were provided by LSU's sports information staff. If you listen to what Miles actually says via the Soundcloud link, you'll find that his actual words were quite a bit more intense. Good for you, Les. That's called Leadership my friends and this country needs more of this. “I want to make positive change and it starts first me with and how I see things,” Miles said. “I want to treat people better, I want to embrace differences and I’m prepared to have a respect for opinion, respect for life obviously, and compassion for people.“My emotions are worn on my sleeve. I think we need to connect on family and we need to agree that violence is never an agent for change, not in today’s society. We have a way to affect change that doesn’t require violence.“The men that were lost this past week were giants. They were community servants. I was fortunate to be around and watch real leadership. Watch our sheriff, colonel, mayor, and our governor especially, do the right thing for our community.“I want to represent and challenge us all, that when you stand in front of your class or your team, that if you don’t start first with who we are as people and how we connect and what our jobs are, I just think that’s the thing to do.“We should be challenged to do just the things that we can do. Just the things that we can do; be positive where we are and seek change where we stand. My opportunity today was to speak in front of the great high school coaches of Louisiana, and I wasn’t going to by this opportunity to talk about this because I was personally challenged that, ‘if you don’t say something, then what are you doing to affect change?’” If the Soundcloud audio won't load below, go hear to listen.