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Les Miles' role as a cop in an upcoming film prompted a Twitter jab from the Oxford Police Department

By now, chances are probably good that you've heard that LSU head coach Les Miles will be playing a cop in an upcoming filmCamera Obscura.

Last night, a photo of him in his uniform on set surfaced, giving us a first look of what officer Miles looks like.

Well, the Oxford Police Department, who famously participated in a fun back and forth with the Twitter account of the Gainesville Police Department last fall, decided to take a jab at good 'ole Les.

Even though rumors of Les' job security were running rampant toward the end of last season, this is all clearly in good fun. However, you can bet that when Ole Miss comes to Death Valley on October 22nd, Les will have a quality response prepared for Oxford PD.

Chances are you'll be able to catch it at the post game presser.