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Les Miles simply is not going to change

Tom Rinaldi sat down with Les Miles to discuss his situation.

Rinaldi asks Les about the final play against Auburn and Les responds by saying "If I had to have one play define who I am I'd take that one." Les expands (as you can see in the video) and, I mean this is classic Les.

"If that play is allowed we win the game. I'll take that play. I'll take the very last play that we had. That would be the one. A fighting heart, a group of men that could not be denied and except for time, should well have won the game."

— Collin Lewis (@Geauxx_Tigers) September 29, 2016

Les Miles was highly successful at LSU by doing things his way and that video leads me to believe he plans to keep doing things his way for quite some time. God Bless, Les.

Presumably more to come from this interview Saturday on College Gameday.