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Did Les Miles take a shot at Ed Orgeron? You be the judge


You guys catch @CoachLesMiles on the show? I adore this guy and miss him at LSU.

— Josh Innes (@JoshInnesShow) June 14, 2018

" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Josh Innes of Sports Talk 190 in Houston had Les Miles on his show. The two started off talking about The Honey Badger and how he'll impact the Texans, but the talk took a bit of a funny turn when Innes mentioned that Vegas odds makers set the over/under win total for LSU at 7 this year and asked if that made Les upset at all. The interaction starts at about the 10:25 mark of the interview. "Well, here's the truth. They have some really good players - some offensive and defensive lineman, some linebackers that can flat out run and get it, their secondary took some hits to graduation, but there are some really good players there." Then things take a bit of a turn as Miles appears to distance himself from his former assistant and the current staff. "The guys that I know that were recruited by the staff before this staff, recruited some really good players. Watch that middle linebacker play. Watch those defensive lineman play, they was some recruiting that was done." An article by The Advocate points out that, back before the spring game, Ed Orgeron asked fans to be patient and shared that only about 35% of the team's offense had been installed for the spring game. Now, a lot of coaches mention patience, but when you look back on what Miles said before this next part, it sure does seem like Miles tries to distance himself from Orgeron and the following comments on patience. "I guess what I'm saying is that I never accepted the feeling of 'Hey, we need to have patience.' When you say that you need to have patience, aren't you really just saying to your team that you're not good enough? Because I want you to know something...I never took the field with the Tigers where I didn't think that I was absolutely going to kick somebody's tail, and that we were the best team. Period." "It took me time during the week to get myself in a position where I was like, 'Yeah. Okay. We got 'em. We got the plan. The plan is in. We're ready to play.' Now that took some time, but I never asked to 'give me break here.'" Here's where Les' language gets even stronger. "Certain people need to have a safety net," Miles explains, and then he shouts into the phone, "IF YOU NEED A SAFETY NET, YOU NEED NOT COACH FOR THE TIGERS!" Listen to the whole interaction in the clip below and judge for yourself. Shots fired, or Les just being Les?