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Lessons on elite coaching from five of the best in college sports

We all found ourselves with more free times than we ever imagined last spring, and some of us used that time better than others. Travis Wyckoff, a consultant, podcast host and owner of the Twitter account @KingdomCoachingTW, spent his time on Zoom holding monthly calls with five of the elite-of-the-elite in the coaching profession.

The coaches aren't household names to the general public, but you'd be hard pressed to find a better group than this, especially if you removed football and basketball from the equation and took names like Saban, Krzyzewski and Auriemma off the table.

The coaches:

-- Anson Dorrance, a 21-time (21 times!!!) national champion as North Carolina's women's soccer coach.
-- Dan Heefner, who has led tiny Dallas Baptist to nine NCAA tournaments in 14 years as the Patriots' head baseball coach.
-- Kevin Hambly, a two-time national champion as Stanford's women's volleyball coach.
-- Patrick Murphy, winner of one softball national title and owner of 12 Women's College World Series trips in 22 seasons at Alabama
-- Tim Corbin, winner of two national baseball titles at Vanderbilt

In a lenghty Twitter thread, Wyckoff shared what he learned from each coach.

Hopefully there's something here you can glean from. Perhaps the best statement about