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Let's talk about agents...

Undoubtedly more and more coaches are represented by agents these days. For years, nearly all NFL & FBS head coaches have been represented; but now we're seeing most coordinators having representation and plenty of position coaches as well. In fact, nowadays, we're seeing plenty of FCS & D-II coaches represented as well.

The results? In some cases, coaches confide to us that their agent has done a terrific job helping advance their careers. In others, as one would expect, the results have been "eh, I guess its ok; but not sure he is worth the money"...and in some unfortunate cases we hear far worse from coaches. Several coaches have told us they will never work with or recommend certain agents again. Cases range from "complete waste of money" to "guy has no idea what he is doing" to "man, he'll help you if you are hot; but he's not going to help you when you are not".

Seemingly 5-10 times a month we at FootballScoop are asked for recommendations about agents. We know several personally; but we certainly don't know all of them. Accordingly, we'd like to hear from all coaches (NFL - D-III) who are represented. 

Please let us know:

  • Which agent represents you
  • Name of the agency
  • Would you recommend them to others (* will remain confidential)

Please feel free to reach us via email (, 225.229.3429 or DM on Twitter (@FootballScoop).

One final note, we'll have plenty more to share over the coming months as we expand our coverage on this topic. Stay tuned...