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Report: Kentucky losing offensive coordinator Liam Coen to the Los Angeles Rams

Coen boosted Kentucky's scoring average by 48 percent in his one year on the bluegrass. That success earned him a ticket back to LA.

In football, the spoils of war is your competitor hiring your assistants.

The Minnesota Vikings cleaned out the defending Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams of offensive coordinator Kevin O'Connell and passing game coordinator Wes Phillips, forcing Sean McVay to restock his staff room.

And so that success has cost Kentucky its offensive coordinator.

Albert Breer of SI reported Monday that Coen is leaving Kentucky after one year on the bluegrass to coordinate the Rams' offense.

This move has been on everyone's radar ever since O'Connell took the Minnesota job. Coen's year at Kentucky was a blessing and a curse for Kentucky; he did so well that it earned him a return ticket to Los Angeles. 

His one season in Lexington saw a 48 percent jump in scoring (21.8 ppg to 32.3), a 24 percent increase in yards per play (5.15 to 6.4), and a 33 percent boost in passing efficiency (111.24 to 147.65). In conjunction with a revamped offense, Kentucky doubled its win total, going from 5-6 in 2020 to 10-3 with a No. 18 final AP ranking in '21.

And in restocking his staff, McVay gives the indication that -- at least for now -- he plans to return and defend the Rams' title.

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