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Lincoln Riley addresses speculation about LSU job

Lincoln Riley has accomplished a lot with the Sooners, which means being linked to some good college football jobs when they open up. Today he was asked how he handles being linked to the LSU opening.

When you're as successful as Lincoln Riley has been, going 54-9 with four-straight Big 12 titles since taking over the Sooners in 2017, being linked to other jobs is bound to happen.

Being at a college football blue-blood program set to join the SEC doesn't make him immune from the rumors and attention. It's not the first time it's happened, and certainly won't be the last time he has to address speculation.

The latest speculation has linked him to the opening at Baton Rouge with LSU.

LSU is just a few years removed from a magical season and national title under Ed Orgeron, and as successful as Riley has been in leading the Sooners, the game's ultimate team trophy is one thing that has eluded him in Norman.

Still, when asked about how he handles those types of rumors with his team, Riley's message has been consistent over the years, talking about his love for OU.

That message continued today.

“There’s nothing to handle. It’s pretty easy."

"I coach the University of Oklahoma football team. You guys know me, you know how I feel about this place and this program. We’ve all been down this road many times before, you guys know where I stand and that hasn’t changed.”

Riley inherited an elite program in excellent shape when Bob Stoops stepped down heading into the 2017 season and handed the keys of the Sooners over to him as a first-time head coach, and he clearly understands just how special those circumstances were when he talks about his program when other open jobs pop up in conversation.

Riley and the Sooners, coming off a loss last weekend to Baylor, will look to get back on track against Matt Campbell and Iowa State this weekend.