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Lincoln Riley & OU assistants getting PAID

New contract info for Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley and some of his assistants coming out....

Riley has been extended through 2024 and will now reportedly earn $6 million next year. If he remains OU's head coach on April 1, 2021 he will receive an additional $1 million bonus. Riley's max post-season bonus is now reportedly set at $750,000 per year.

New DC Alex Grinch is set to earn $1.3 million per year in a contract that runs through Summer 2022. He will earn another $100,000 per year if he stays through a defined date each year (stay bonuses).

Offensive line coach Bill Bedenbaugh is being bumped up from $625,000 per year to $750,000. See where that places him compared to his OL peers here.

Roy Manning will reportedly make $425,000 per year in a two year deal and Brian Odom is set to earn $375,000 in a one year deal.

Defensive line coach Calvin Thibodeaux will now make $375,000 per year and Ruffin McNeill will make $575,000. Head strength coach Bennie Wylie now makes $380,000 per year.

As always stay tuned to The Scoop for the latest coaching job information.