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List: Lou Holtz's Top 10 all-time quotes


In case you missed it, Lou Holtz is parting ways with ESPN after more than a decade with as a college football studio analyst with the network as first reported by Sports Illustrated's Richard Deitsch. Holtz said nearly a year ago he planned to retire after the 2014 season, and many believe with Rece Davis leaving Bristol to replace Chris Fowler on College GameDay now was the time to shake things up in ESPN's studio coverage.

Holtz first became a head coach at William & Mary back in 1969, a full 45 years ago, without a break. He left William & Mary for N.C. State, then the New York Jets, Arkansas, Minnesota, Notre Dame, a two-year retirement in which he worked for CBS Sports, then six seasons with South Carolina before retiring from coaching and joining ESPN after the 2004 season. At 78, his departure from Bristol will bring to an end a run of nearly 50 consecutive years with Holtz as a major, regular figure inside the college football universe.

While he didn't always bat a thousand at presenting a coherent thought, Holtz offered as many pearls of wisdom as any coach of his era.

Take these Holtz-isms, print them out and pin them on the bulletin board of your mind.