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Look: Here's how Texas is thinking of renovating its south end zone

Tom Herman and Chris Del Conte were hired to revamp the Texas football program, Herman from the inside and Del Conte from the outside. Both men have made no secret of their priority to ramp up Texas's facility projects, and Herman mentioned in a recent podcast interview that he'd like the Longhorns to overhaul the team's training room.

On Tuesday evening, Del Conte sent a tweet that raised a signal to everyone in the Burnt Orange nation.

An email arrived in the inboxes of season ticket holders on Wednesday morning, and FootballScoop obtained the artistic renderings of how Texas is looking at renovating the south end zone of Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium.

Texas 1
Texas 2
Texas 3
Texas 4
Texas 5

As you can see below, the Populous-designed renderings would knock down the south end zone stands and replace the first-of-its-kind Godzillatron scoreboard, replacing both with permanent grandstands, a wider video board and a major increase in luxury seating options.


The new south end zone would also increase recruiting functionality by installing an NFL-style entrance tunnel with a designated recruiting area and provide windowed areas, which would likely be new office spaces for the Longhorn coaching staff that would look over Joe Jamail Field, which is not the case today.

The entire project is still in the embryonic stage. The email sent Wednesday morning included a questionnaire feeling out ticket-holders' priorities with respect to stadium atmosphere and their likelihood in purchasing premium seating options.