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"Look Nick, if me and you gonna be hanging out, you can't be wearing those tight ass shorts"


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My words simply can not do justice for Steven Godrey's article about Uncle Luke's perspective on football in and around the Miami area. The lengthy article is a joy to read.

Uncle Luke drops local knowledge about recruiting the Miami area unlike many others can. In short, its a fun read.

The part that straight killed me though, is a short blurb towards the end where Uncle Luke describes bringing some high school ballers to a summer camp and meeting Nick Saban for the first time. From the article:

"It was strange that Nick Saban knows who I am. That was strange. He walks up and he's like 'Heeeey man! What's up! Come up to the office!' So we get up there, and he's like, 'I listen to your music!' I'm sitting there looking at him like....what? So you know I'm a shit talker, so I start in. I told him, 'Look Nick, if me and you gonna be hanging out, you can't be wearing those tight ass shorts you got on. If we ever gonna break off and go out, you can't go like that!'

Let me tell you, Nick is crazy, right. But I'm probably one of the few people down here that likes Nick," after Saban's brief time with the Dolphins. "They call him Nick Satan down here, and talking to him, he knows it. He's like, 'Man, they hate me down here.' And I'm like, 'Yeah, they do.' At the same time, he's a cool dude, he is. He loves kids from Miami and wants them. When they played in the national championship down here, they let me come by the practice, so I went by and watched, learned some stuff."

My friends, that is advanced recruiting right there by Nick Saban. He has Uncle Luke professing that he is cool. Not sure I can find the words to explain how impressive that is.

Go read Godfrey's work. Laugh. Learn. Enjoy.