Credit: Allie Kaminski/JCU Sports Information

ESPN’s Marty Smith spent the day in Ann Arbor to tape a segment with Jim Harbaugh for the season-opening edition of College GameDay. College football’s pre-game show of record will be in South Bend as No. 12 Notre Dame hosts No. 14 Michigan.

Part of the segment, apparently, will be the quotes on the dry erase board inside Harbaugh’s office.

If the photo is hard to read, you can expand it on the original tweet below.

There are a number of great quotes on here, but I’m particularly drawn to the most Harbaugh-ian, as if Confucius was born in Dubuque, Iowa and happened to run a 4.8 40.

Quotes like:

“Fat is the enemy of speed.”

“Lead like Truman, tap dance like Fred Astair.”

“The smartest person in the room is the one who realizes he or she is not the smartest person in the room.”

“A’int hard being a football player if you are a ‘football player.'”

Which one is your favorite?

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