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Looking for a creative way to involve / thank your donors? Minnesota invited theirs to be a "Recruit 4 A Day"

Earlier this week, Minnesota invited a number of donors to campus for their first-ever "Recruit 4 A Day" event and while watching the video they recently released highlighting the event, I couldn't help but think what a great idea this is and how fitting it would be for a number of high school and college programs.

The entire Golden Gopher athletic department got together for the event, and a handful of players also helped to make sure that the experience was as real as possible, and it's easy to see how much these donors enjoyed this event.

Regardless of the size of the donation, most donors just want to feel a part of the program, and like to help out in some form or fashion, and while a simple thank you goes a long way, seeing their face light up like these Golden Gopher donors do in this video will give them a positive experience that they will cherish forever.