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The Rams go full Hollywood for their draft hype video

LA's Super Bowl victory lap includes producing a Fast and Furious-style parody.

The Los Angeles Rams are not expected to be the main character in this week's NFL draft. In fact, with their first selection not until No. 104 and only three in the first five rounds, they're barely even a side character. 

But that doesn't mean the defending Super Bowl champions will be silent. 

As you'll see below, the Rams produced their own in-house trailer that's... good. It's not good by sports content standards, it's just good. With name actors like Dennis Quaid and Tyrese Gibson starring alongside Matthew Stafford, Aaron Donald and others, this The Fast and the Furious-style parody is the best trailer you'll see today.

The NFL draft gets underway Thursday. We won't see the Rams until late, late Friday night, though.

Or will we?