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The Chargers declared their uniforms perfect, then changed them

When I heard the Chargers would be unveiling new uniforms on Tuesday morning, I asked myself why a team with already perfect uniforms would bother changing them.

Turns out, the Chargers asked themselves the same thing -- and then went forward with changes anyway.

These new kits aren't so much new as tweaked and, well, judge for yourself.

It would obviously be optimal to see each set modeled on an actual human being, but, well, #pandemicproblems.

Here's a look at each uniform, complete with two color rush set.

Chargers 1
Chargers 2
Chargers 3
Chargers 4

One tweak that I think would make these perfect uniforms even perfect-er: pairing yellow socks with the white and blue pants.

Chargers full

What do you think?