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Why losing the 2013 Big Ten championship was a turning point for Urban Meyer

Even if you don't remember the circumstances around the photo, you remember the photo. Urban Meyer, sitting in one of those John Deere Gators hidden somewhere in the bowels of Lucas Oil Stadium, eating a piece of pizza, looking like the most dejected person in the entire world.


While Urban was dejected as he looked in that clip, contemplating the moments after his team's 2013 Big Ten championship loss -- his first loss in 25 games at Ohio State -- that cost his team a shot at Florida State for the national championship.

But that loss also served as a turning point for him.

The last time he'd lost in that exact situation -- the 2009 SEC championship -- it nearly killed him. That loss to Alabama was the culmination of years of personal and emotional neglect that sent him on a crash course out of football for a year, and then to Ohio State.

And this loss proved to Urban that he could lose at the highest level of college football and not let it consume him. That he could bounce back and keep his perspective.

Urban talked about his new found devotion to mental and emotional care in this Bleacher Report article. Take a look.