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Lou Holtz offers some really good advice to fired football coaches

Good ole Lou Holtz hopped on Sirius XM College Sports Nation a bit ago and weighed in with a really good nearly nine minutes of advice for coaches that have been fired this off season.

"First, remember that you're a good person," Holtz says pretty early on in his talk. "This is a tragic event that may have occurred, even though you did nothing to cause it, and could have done nothing to prevent it. I urgently ask you to sit down and write a two-minute, positive report on yourself and then read it, and mean it."

"Your self confidence and your self-image are critical at this time."

"Nothing is as good as it seems, and nothing is ever as bad as it seems, Somewhere in between there is where reality falls." Holtz goes on to explain after sharing a story about how the man that fired him went on to be instrumental in is hiring to lead the Notre Dame program.

"What happens to us is of little significance compared to what lies within us, and our attitude is a choice that we make."

Hear much more like that from coach Holtz, including some of his trademark stories and how to handle a severance package (if you're lucky enough to get one), and how to handle your retirement and health care moving forward in uncertain circumstances.