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High school fires coach for team's chant with racial slur

St. Augustine High School in New Orleans has fired head football coach Nathaniel Jones after video surfaced that appeared to the football team conduct a chant that included a racial slur before a football game.

The chant included repeated uses of the N-word.

St. Augustine is an all-boys, historically black Catholic school. Jones is also black.

"The behavior displayed in the video is indefensible and runs counter to our core values and our commitment to serving young men and their families," St. Charles said a statement Monday, via the New Orleans Times-Picayune. "Not only are these actions hurtful to our community, but they also undermine the work of our founders, the Josephites, who are standard-bearers for equality and civil rights. It is their legacy that includes athletics as part of our educational mission. We expect our coaches and students to uphold our views on equality, respect and dignity and reflect these values during athletic competition."

On Tuesday, school president Kenneth St. Charles announced Jones has been relieved of duties and assistant head coach/defensive coordinator Kenneth Dorsey, Jr., has been named interim head coach.

"We thank Coach Jones for his contributions and service to St. Augustine and our football team," St. Charles said. "We are confident that Coach Dorsey and the remaining coaches on staff are committed to serving the scholar-athletes in our football program through this period of transition."

This is the second incident this week of a high school coach losing his job due to on-the-job behavior that has nothing to do with wins and losses.