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Louisville going all black vs. Clemson

Louisville has already gone "wacky" once this year, with the "Uncaged" helmets the Cardinals will wear next Saturday - next Saturday! - against Auburn.

Louisville uncaged

But that's not enough, apparently. The Cardinals will go all black for their Thursday night tilt against Clemson on Oct. 17. The Cards went all gray for their Thursday night near-upset of Florida State last year.

Alternate uniforms usually have a bit of uniqueness about them. That's the entire point, right - to live outside the box once or twice a year. Only, there's nothing unique at all about these uniforms. Louisville's had a blackout game before, along with nearly every other program in football and basketball. Nothing original there. It's especially unoriginal when you consider fellow Adidas properties UCLA and Texas A&M are already doing the same.

But wait! That number font looks kinda funky. That has to be new, right? Actually, no. Adidas already used that another alternate Louisville uniform this season. But putting an exploded logo on a pant leg has to be new, right? Maybe? Again, no.

Anyway, here are the not-new new Louisville uniforms.