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LSU's D-line coach puts the pads on during practice

Eight years removed from his NFL retirement, Andre Carter's still got it.

Basically every FBS team produces its own behind-the-scenes look at training camp. Hardly any of them capture the image LSU's got -- defensive line coach Andre Carter in pads. 

To be totally honest, Carter's not out of place in a pair of shoulder pads. Quite the opposite. An All-American at Cal, he was the seventh overall pick in the 2001 draft and played 13 years in the League, collecting 517 tackles, 80.5 sacks and a Pro Bowl appearance. Carter's father, Rubin, was a 12-year NFL defensive lineman and the former D-line coach for the Jets, the exact same job Andre had before taking the LSU job.

Defensive line play is the family business in the Carter household, and Andre's work doesn't stop just because he retired from football eight years ago. 

And though LSU does not lack for extra bodies at practice, Carter apparently decided his players needed some hands-on teaching. 

"When he hit me I'm like, 'He's a real offensive lineman,'" defensive end Andre Anthony said. "Full throttle." 

One simple request. The next time LSU puts a coach in pads to run D-line drills, it needs to be the LSU D-line coach.

We need to see Ed Orgeron in pads. We deserve to see Ed Orgeron in pads.