As we wrote last night, for Tom Herman it is all about relationships.

Sources at LSU relay to FootballScoop that Tom Herman never discussed money with them (his representatives handle that). With Tom, he simply wants to know who he will be working with and what the conditions are for the players…and he wants to control the program. Herman believes he has the right plan to build a consistent national championship caliber team and he wants the authority to fully execute his plan, a la Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, Bill Belichick, etc.

With LSU when Herman notified Joe Alleva this morning that Texas wanted to talk, the relationship devolved quickly and it was clear to both sides that they weren’t heading to the altar.

So, what happens next for Tom Herman? We expect a very similar discussion with Texas. It’s about relationships. UT administration… read this. It’s not about money, it is about relationships. Sell Herman on who he will be working with and the control he will have over the program. The money will be fine, we’re sure.

If not, Herman is extremely comfortable at Houston. He loves the people he is surrounded by within the program, the administration, the university and the fan base.

The ball is now in your court, Texas.

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