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LSU planning to have all nine assistants on the field

In an unconventional move, LSU head coach Les Miles stated today that he believes all nine assistants will be on the field during games this Fall (with some grad assistants in the box).

I like the idea.

If your coordinators are comfortable calling the game from the sidelines, it seems all they need is the guy they are most comfortable with (probably "their" grad assistant) upstairs acting as their eyes in the sky. Add in a front man who is looking at the action in the trenches from upstairs and relaying that down to the offensive / defensive line coaches & coordinators and we've got a plan.

From the perspective of both the players and the assistants, I feel having the assistants on the field to "coach'em up" in game is far more valuable than being in the box. Players' position coaches are their guys. Position coaches know the right things to say and the right ways to say them to each man. It works face to face; but is very hard to convey the same way over the headset.

"What will do is will have a young group of coaches, those guys that can coach and talk and be upstairs," Miles said. "If I find we're not getting the view of things that need to be relayed from the press box, that will change."

I hope this move works; and then more teams consider it, allowing more assistants to "coach" on gameday and giving more grad assistants an opportunity to work more closely with the coordinators (helping them understand his thought process on gameday).