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The most inspiring story of a HS quarterbacks coach you'll read all month

There are lots of stories of high school and college programs allowing disadvantaged kids to score a touchdown in a game. Each one is great and touching in their own right, and we've posted a number of them over the years.

Lyndon LaPage's story is like those, but it's also not.

LaPage scored a 99-yard touchdown run in a 2005 game for Keller (Texas) High School, a suburb north of Fort Worth and coached at the time by Kevin Atkinson. But the connection between LaPage and Atkinson doesn't end there. Rather, it begins.

Atkinson wondered what LaPage, affected with Down's syndrome, would do after he graduated. So he invited him to practice. And LaPage never stopped coming.

Now, 11 years after that run, Atkinson is the head coach at Denton. And LaPage is his quarterbacks coach, coaching Atkinson's son Colt, starting quarterback for the 7-1 Broncos.