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Mack Brown: I am not retiring

Mack Brown's "I'm not retiring" T-shirt has people asking a lot of questions already answered by his shirt.

To answer a question you may not have been asking, no, Mack Brown is not retiring.

“I was told by a friend of mine that a prominent agent has been telling people that I’m not going to be here next year in hopes that would affect recruiting because we’re recruiting so well,” Brown told Andy Staples of The Athletic on Wednesday.

"I haven't even thought about it."

It's obvious why rival coaches would negatively recruit against Brown's age and why this unnamed prominent agent lick his lips at the idea of an opening at North Carolina, but it's not clear why the agent would care about North Carolina's recruiting class. 

Still, two things are remain true:

1) Brown is recruiting quite well. North Carolina's class ranks No. 10 in the country, with two 5-star commits (one off Alabama's national lead). And with only 15 pledges on board, the Tar Heels still have plenty of room to grow.

2) Brown is the oldest head coach in FBS. He turned 70 on Aug. 27. Once Butch Davis is officially out at FIU, he and Nick Saban will be the only active septuagenarians among active FBS head coaches. 

Still, Brown is on record saying he will not retire in 2021. Take that, prominent agent. 

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