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Manny Diaz talks about one of the biggest red flags when recruiting players

The recruiting process for college coaches is dominated by evaluations of all sorts of criteria including character, athletic ability, academics, and everything in between.

One thing, kind of below the radar that Miami defensive coordinator Manny Diaz is looking at is the type of questions that recruits are asking during the recruiting process, and there's one in paticular that's a big red flag for him that has proven to be an issue during his time as a college coach.

“I think what we've shown is that the best players are going to play at the University of Miami. If you are a legit guy and you are a big time player, no matter what school you are going to go to, there is going to be competition," Diaz explained.

"It is the silliest recruiting ploy there is to say, ‘Well there is going to be somebody there that was told the same story a year ago in recruiting.’ If anything, we want players that want to come to Miami, to compete against the best."

Diaz went on to explain that, of course, their roster still has it's fair share of major holes in regards to depth, and guys that they're actively recruiting are aware of that.

"But we would never want someone to come to this school who did not want to compete for a starting job the minute that they step on campus. At the same time, someone that was weary about that, in my past, the recruits that ask you too many questions about the depth chart, sometimes that is a red flag. Because at the University of Miami, the perception is that we should have great personnel, and that brings out the best in the guys that are here."

Hear more from Diaz below.