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Manny Diaz expresses disappointment in farewell letter

Manny Diaz opens his farewell letter by making it very clear how he feels about the way his firing at Miami went down

Manny Diaz was fired earlier today, following a weekend where decision makers at Miami made things very difficult for him and his staff.

While out on the road recruiting, visiting in homes with future players and their families, word began to leak that Miami was working on a package to lure Oregon's Mario Cristobal back to Coral Gables.

That led to a really uncomfortable few hours for Diaz, who just ended his third season in charge with a 7-5 mark.

Watching Miami go after a coach, while still having a coach employed, was uncomfortable to watch as well. Even if you had "no skin in the game." One has to wonder how things would have gone if Cristobal had opted to remain at Oregon.

With his fate official this morning, Diaz let it be known that not only was he disappointed int he University's decision, but also "the manner in which this played out over the last few weeks."

"The uncertainty impacted our team, our staff and their families - these are real people that gave everything to this program. For that, for them, I hurt," Diaz opened his statement by sharing.

See the full statement from Diaz, and his tweet, below.

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